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Chitvan Jungle Lodge
Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

“Rated as No 1 Lodge in Kanha by Tripadvisor”
“Rated as Outstanding Practice Lodge by Toft Tigers”

Guest Feedback
From : Farhat Daud
Sent : December 08, 2014
Subject :Appreciation of Your services!!
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Dear Mr Ashwini/ Mr Amit and Team Chitvan,

Greetings from Nagpur and Firdos and Daud Family!

This comes across to acknowledge your wonderful hospitality and courteousness extended to me and my family by the entire Team at Chitvan during our stay from the 3rd to 5th Dec 2014.
The entire experience was very pleasant and satisfactory. The food needs worth a mention specially the personal touch by the Chefs and Mr Ajay to ensure about our tastes and preferences. The overall ambiance and services were excellent.

We wish you All the best in all your ventures and hope this place maintains its flavour and essence always.

Good Luck!

With regards,

Dr. Farhat Daud (Firdosy)
Chief Technical Officer,
RevAyur Beauty Care Pvt. Ltd.,
1505/1, Universal Square,
Shantinagar, Nagpur (M.S.) -440002.
Off- 0712-2762589
Cell- 9881710189,

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From : Milind Nagle
Sent : November 30, 2014
Subject : A big Thank you!!
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Hello Sharad,

I am writing specially to thank you and let you know that we had a fantastic time at Chitvan from 21st till 24th of Nov. You have a team of youngsters who are very enthusiastic and all of them have an address and outlook of being outstanding hospitality professionals.
Rohit, Amit, Ajay, Anji Lal, Sukhraj and even Chhote Lal were marvellous hosts. My family and I are dog lovers. We enjoyed the company of Maya, Punch and Cheetah also.
You can count on us to be your regular visitors. On all the fronts, the service was outstanding. My son Gaurav has already posted his views on Trip advisor. Keep up the good work and wish you the very best in your endeavours!

With regards,
Milind Nagle

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From : AstroRahul
Sent : August 8, 2014
Subject :“Read My review. Title doesn't matter.”
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It was my first drive when I started from Nagpur for Chitvan Kanha when Sharad sir invited me.  I took a different path to reach there. I went through Bhandara & not through Pench. Being a dark sky hunter, I was too much excited for the night stay. And when I touch Kanha, the breeze just symbolized me that I came to right place. Right at Chitvan. Entry with big Symbol of Chitvan elaborating the meaning. Parked my Punto just near to room. Went inside the room. Even though all lights were off, I could figure out the amenities placed nearby and was delighted with sigh of relaxation.

Had small but awesome session of deep sky observation with telescope followed by mind blowing spiritual talk by Sharad sir & again followed by dinner. I was so mesmerized by the conversations that I forgot to see the meal kept right in front of me for an hour. But later as I started with dinner, Ohhhhhh.... awesome it was!!!! 

Unfortunately I was on scintillating diet from a month & when I just started, I cursed my self why the hell I went for diet. :P It was so delicious that I could not stop eating. And I didn't know where to concentrate :D. Either on food or on the talks.

But some how controlled.

Then we started for astrophotography right in the garden. But it might not be our day. the skies were full of clouds. Then went to sleep. Started AC. I kept looking at the ceiling and lights. It felt different. 

Now, the place was at sensational serenity.

It was almost 3 am. I went out to see sky but still there were clouds. So went to sleep but again woke up at 4. Needless to mention here, the street lighting were made in such a way that it wont disturb the nocturnal life of insect & herps. Astonishing Concept of architecture to such a coma. Came out; saw Sharad sir welcoming me. Went with him for Safari. No doubt it was stunning experience. 3 tigers, a sloth bear and hell lot of vultures and birds.

Again came back. This time I was like numb. I had to sleep now. After couple of hours woke up. Went for lunch. Again, I am foodie but don't know who made black magic, I was eating like ghosts. :P Then again had a nice discussion with Sharad sir, Mr. Ashwini and Mr. Satish. It was seriously speechless experience. Thank you Mr. Ashwini and Satish for all the splendid courtesy. It was delight to see the small botanical garden. I took a shrub of sweet tulasi with me. Chitvan. Its sheer memories I could cherish now till next season.

If you are searching for resort/hotel to stay at Kanha. Chitvan is right place. Nice place, nice panorama, nice people to enjoy with.

With regards,

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From : Matias C
Sent : July 13, 2014
Subject :“Chic and sofisticated in the jungle”
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I have been traveling to India for the last three years and been staying in all sort of lodging, from 5-star hotels to low end lodges. I can say that Chitvan was superb! I did not expect to find such accommodations in the middle of nowhere.

Rooms were spacious with big windows overlooking the parks but still private. Staff was very nice, especially the chef, who prepared the most wonderful meals for us.

The swimming pool was delightful, especially in the hot weather of the pre-monsoon. One great advantage of Chitvan's is the proximity to the gate of Kanha National Park.

I would recommend this lodge to anyone.

With warm regards,
Matias C

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From : lushe
Sent : July 08, 2014
Subject :“Highly Recommended ! ” -
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Excellent property, amiable and extremely helpful staff, great food and totally a value for money. Special mention to the courteous staff and thanks a bunch for the lovely flowers and surprise cake you guys presented to celebrate our anniversary. I am looking forward to my next visit soon. :)

With warm regards,

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From : Superchip1968
Sent : July 07, 2014
Subject :“Stay at Chitvan”-
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I have stayed this fabulous property a few times over last 7 years with friends, family and also alone and, I have to add that each time I only took back fond memories of very attentive and friendly staff, excellent food and great location.

With warm regards,

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From : Boh H , Dubai
Sent : July 01, 2014
Subject :“Great Location for Mukki Gate”-
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Have to say that Rohit and his team did as much as they could to ensure we enjoyed our stay, to the extent that Rohit joined us on our two trips into Kanha and acted as our English speaking guide. As others have said the rooms are very spacious however we only had hot water one day out of the two and in my opinion the room needs refurbishment. Again I know Rohit has some refurbishments schedule over the next couple of months. Biggest disappointment was the food, again I agree that the use of local garden ingredients is great however the food over the two days we stayed was bland, cold, repetitive and overall did not look particularly appetizing. Not sure if the fact that we were there the last two days of the season had an impact?? With respect to the gardens and the Gardener they were great. The gardener spent about 30 minutes showing us all of the variety of plants he grows, Spearmint, Lemon Plant, Citronella, Curry leaves, Basil, Eucalyptus, it was great. Having never stayed at other venues in the area difficult to judge overall but did not live up to my expectations, however we had just come from Kings Lodge in Bandhavgarh, see separate review, so anything that followed would always appear poorer.

With warm regards,
Boh H , Dubai

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From : Bijal Shah
Sent : July 01, 2014
Subject :“Continues to remain a home away from home.”-
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Come May and the only place I can ever think of going to, is the Kanha National Park. The sight of the majestic tiger is mesmerising and draws me back there over and over again. This was my fourth consecutive visit and I, along with my son stayed for nearly a month.

But what a month it was!

All through the 50 odd safaris I took, tigers were sighted in plenty. But just as the glow of the tiger never seems to diminish, so is the case with the warmth of the community at Chitvan Jungle Lodge.

And for me, Tigers, Kanha and Chitvan- it's a perfect synthesis for a dream wildlife holiday. Take any away and it falls apart! Warm friendly faces-kind and caring, always ready to do that extra little to make the guests happy; this is what Chitvan is. A unique blend of professionalism and homely care.

Beautiful campus, lovely food mostly sourced from their own charming garden, elegantly designed and spacious rooms, special care has been taken to maintain harmony with nature. Nothing is missing!

The chef Mr. Ajay is a wonderful cook but also, a most wonderful man, with his cheery welcoming smile, and be it day or midnight, his team leaves no stone unturned to dish out the most delicious and nutritious food.

The story of Chitvan can never be complete without the mention of Sanjay Thakre. He's most certainly the best naturalist in Kanha and arguably, one of the best in any tiger country. Almost shy and soft spoken, his demeanour is deceptive however, and one soon discovers a man who is a repository of knowledge about jungle lore.

However, it is his uncanny ability to trace, track and locate a tiger that makes him the best in his trade. 

And finally, and most importantly, full credit for all the above goes to Mr. Sharad Vats, the most affable owner of Chitvan for making this happen.

The courteous gentleman that he is, his working surely reflects his in-depth understanding of what hospitality is all about. 

If Kanha is a paradise for wildlife lovers, Chitvan is the hidden gem there. 

With warm regards,
Bijal Shah

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From : Hinapatni
Sent : June 29, 2014
Subject :“excellent place with superb hospitality”-
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well i am so confused where to stay in kanha i just searched tripadviser and i find very good reviews about chitvan jungle lodge,still i am hesitate to book it because not many people which are known to me visit chitvan. mr sharad owner of chitvan insist me to come and see this wonderful resort by myself.and i would love to say mr sharad you are absolutely right.

your staff specially mr satish was very very responsive and attentive.the way your gm mr ashwini guide us to reach chitvan was amazing.

your hospitality,accommodation are truely short we feel like more thing as i am jain food is one of key issue for me and your shef provide us wonderful jain meal to us.i am highly recommed this place if you are planning to visit kanha .i am definetly come back this place in future

With warm regards,

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From : Sanj9
Sent : June 19, 2014
Subject :“Superb Place with Great Hospitality”-
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Since long time I was thinking to visit Kanha, but as always I m choosy about stay selection. Finally decided to call Mr. Harmeet of Chitvan and guys my experience of Chitvan's hospitality began. I decided to drive down from raipur and Mr. Harmeet and Mr. Ashwini emailed me the route map to such details that i need not have to consult anyone enroute. Wow....Lovely Drive.

  I didnt booked the safari well in advance and being a peak season the possibility of safari was bleak. Still i took a chance and the efforts of Mr. Sanjay(Safari Co-ordinator) paid of and we were on evening safari. My first Tiger Sighting in the wild. At one point of time my chances of safari were bleak and that bleak chance ended into a lovely tiger sighting.

We booked 1st Floor of "Prithvi Suite". Lovely, spacious and exceedingly well maintained property. And the best part is employment generation. Most of the staff are local and so well trained with a great hospitality. Hats off to the management. Though you wont get an a-la-carte meal but these guys ask you in advance about what we would like to have in the meal and they accomodate atleast one dish of our request. Delicious food , i mean delicious is an understatement.

All in all a memorable experience. Surender's Hospitality, Ajay's Smile and his yummy food, Rohit's enthusiasm, Satish's welcome gesture, Sanjay's quest to arrange a safari, Mahesh's knowledge on medicinal plants. 

A place to be in for tryst with nature.

With warm regards,

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From : Paula U
Sent : June 13, 2014
Subject :“Treated like a maharajah and maharani”
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If you want first class service and accommodations as a base from which to enjoy the Indian jungle "bush"--heck, if you just want great accommodations anywhere in India--this is the place to stay. We had our best Indian food at Chitvan.

The staff is attentive, responsive and helpful for any needs. One afternoon, a staff member noticed I got up twice to grab some water from another table used by our group, so he got a full water bottle for me without being asked--that's paying attention and anticipating your guests' needs! The rooms are spacious and comfortable; we had a great view from ours onto the beautiful grounds that surround Chitvan.

There's a pool and spa, neither of which we used during our 5 night stay, as we were quite busy enjoying twice daily game runs into nearby Kanha Park. Another plus is Chitvan's commitment to using locally sourced vegetables (it grows much of them on the grounds), and being very environmentally friendly, a position subtly but frequently reinforced by several placards throughout the place.

Chitvan translates into mind ("chit") and forest ("van")--this truly is a place to renew mind, body and spirit, surrounded by the jungle beauty that includes one of India's best national parks.

With warm regards,
Paula U

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From : Dyu Dcunha
Sent : June 09, 2014
Subject :“Highly recommend this place if you want to be a bit lavish on your trip to Kanha.”-
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Spent great time here with family. My wife did all the bookings and everything was well taken care by the resort online. Right from the suggestions to the rooms to the pick up drop. The staff is very cordial. The chef is a bit over cordial and can be a bit overbearing at times during your meals. But you can be assured he does it out of a good heart. 

The rooms are just great. Large is an understatement. But think if you want to book the large rooms if you are doing all the safaris cause then you wont be spending a lot of time in the room. Loved the open shower in the lower rooms... book these if you get them. 
This is one of the few places in Kanha that have a swimming pool.

The food is good and you should enjoy your meals. 
The staff is knowledgable and helpful and it helps when you have to book the safaris and the know the jungle better. They even helped us book a last minute safari on a sunday when mostly all safari slots are overbooked. 

Highly recommed this place if you are planning your trip to Kanha.

With warm regards,
Dyu Dcunha

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From : Tony & Pat Walsh
Sent : April 23, 2014
Subject : A Surreal Experience!!
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Dear Amit,

You probably do not remember my wife and I, we stayed with you March 09 – 11, 2014. Unfortunately this is the first opportunity I have had to contact you since that time.
We would just like to thank you and the staff of the Chitvan Jungle Lodge for the excellent stay that we enjoyed while at your lodge during our visit to Kahna.

The overall services offered – restaurant, accommodation, vehicles, guides and in particular your personal contribution to our game drives – were all of exceptional quality, as is the overall park like setting of your Lodge. Hopefully we shall have the opportunity to return to India, and in particular Chitvan Lodge, sometime in the not too distant future to re-experience your special facilities.

I should also make mention that our memory of seeing a Tiger in real life was quite surreal.

Our sincere thanks to you all for making our trip to India, and in particular Kanha, such a memorable experience.

With kind regards,
Tony & Pat Walsh

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From : Sanjeev Roy
Sent : April 01, 2014
Subject : Its the people!!
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Dear Mr. Sharad,

“Its the people”
After a long and tiring journey, we arrived at Chitvan convinced that we had made the wrong choice - our safaris were from the gate that was 70 hard km from here. We were looking to get out from there. We snapped at the help and the naturalist. The property is nice, we have stayed in similar places before. They did not stop smiling and doing their best to make us comfortable.

The Chef was smiling, accommodating and had very good skills. He made food as per our request as well. The service staff was quick and seemed genuinely happy to serve. The gardner gave us some seeds and saplings to take back. We stayed back and had a wonderful time.


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From : Annamari L
Sent : April 04, 2014
Subject : Just loved it!!
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Dear Mr. Sharad,

“Just loved it!”
I am trying to think of something negative to say.. Perhaps the fact that between wonderful tasty food and taking safaris back to back (which means you do not have time to exercise at all..) will make you gain a few kgs... I totally enjoyed my stay at Chitvan. Staff was really friendly and everything worked like clock work. Safaris were managed well, prompt information was given and yes the food, it made me change my mind about Indian food, which I have never really enjoyed much... Internet connection is hardly available and mobile phones do not work all the time, which is a good thing. For total relaxation! Mukki gate of the Kanha park is really conveniently located, just a short jeep ride away. The hotel is in the middle of the fields in it's own oasis. Little walking/jogging track along the perimeter and the pool give some possibilities to stretch safari weary muscles.

Staff is super friendly and smily. And I loved the fact I could open my windows and listen to the nature sounds all through the night, no car sound or anything strange, just birds and other animals. Not to forget that I had the most wonderful sighting of a tiger.. at the Kanha Park. Thanks a million for a lovely time at Chitvan.

Annamari L

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From : Mohit Chopra
Sent : April 15, 2014
Subject : Great Experience!!
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Dear Mr. Sharad,

“Great experience”
Chitvan was a great experience for us. The best part for us was the extremely helpful and friendly staff, be it Amit (naturalist), Sanjay who we only briefly met (naturalist), Ajay (chief chef) or Mr Agarwal (General Manager). The stars, fireflies at night, stillness of the night, jungle environment and the attention we got during our stay was outstanding. My only suggestion was the team was to Improve the electricity connections as power kept going off, and that is when we were not in peak summers. Make sure you book the mukti / Kanha zone trip in advance . We did not book in advance but they helped us get access at the last minute. The trip to the tribal village is also a must do. We would definitely recommend a trip to Kanha and a stay at Chitvan!
Mohit Chopra

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From : Will & Lisa
Sent : October 28, 2013
Subject : Just a quick note to say that we had a fantastic time at Chitvan
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Hi Sharad,

Just a quick note to say that we had a fantastic time at Chitvan and were looked after by Amit and his team like royalty. We were really impressed by the environmental approach that you have adopted at the Lodge and it clearly works as not only did I see more butterflies at Chitvan than I have seen in years, but also the quality of the food was exceptional. We were hugely impressed to see how the lodge has involved the local village and it was very interesting to be able to visit it. I would also say that your staff did perfect the balance between making sure that we wanted for nothing but also giving us space so we were able to relax.

Our Safari driver was superb and we were very lucky to see a tiger on our first safari, but after that it rained a bit and I think that the cats were happy to stay undercover. That said, the drives through the park were beautiful and worth doing in their own right.

Our only issue was that between our four safaris and the amazing three course meals we did not have a huge abount of time to spend in the pool (which is one of the reasons we opted for Chitvan), or make use of the naturalist/horticulturalist as much as we would have liked. However we both agreed that our stay far exceeded our expectations and maybe it is just that your website underplays quite what an amazing place you have there.

We will try and work out how to leave feedback on Tripadvisor - as I know that really helps you, but I can assure you that I will be speaking very highly of Chitvan each time I show my friends the photos of the Tiger!!

Please can you pass on our thanks to Amit and his team and I hope that the rest of Tiger spotting season goes well for you and all at Chitvan.

Many thanks,
Will & Lisa

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From : Vishal Baldev
Sent : February 09, 2013
Subject : Thanks to all at Chitwan
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Dear Mr. Sharad,

When Ambareesh suggested "Chitvan" for our maiden visit to Kanha we had absolutely no doubt on his choice,  but now after our visit to your place we fully understand the reason behind this.

The warmth and hospitality which "Chitwan" bestowed upon us is a rarity nowadays. At other places , A guest is just that...a guest...but the personal touch of your entire team made us feel special and wanted.

Amit with his omnipresent smile made us feel comfortable and at home instantly and the 4 days we spent seemed a tad too short in the end.

A special thanks to the Chef Mr. Kumar who whipped up epicurean delights day after day, meal after meal.

To let you onto a little secret, we were actually looking forward to our next meal even before completing the one we had on hand.

We could not spot the Tiger during our many Safari's to the jungle,a reason good enough to visit Chitwan again.....


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From : Br.Dhairyananda
Sent : December 18, 2012
Subject : Thank you
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Dear Sharad,

Very dear Sharadji,

All I can say in response is given below and the same is what I would like to put on the website too.

Kindly guide me how to do so!!

All words, superlatives and adjectives would fail to describe our experience at Chitvan Lodge. Not like Lords and not like kings, but you made us feel like God ourselves. I had heard of the old Indian tradition of “Atithi devo bhavah” (Guest is God), but probably got the first hand experience of what it means during our three day stay there.

I am sure anybody can make out genuine from the fake. Your service and care come from the heart. Service with a smile and that too genuine, uplifts the spirits like nothing else, your entire team of staff is committed to the two adages.

Though we were not as lucky with our tiger sighting, but the love and care we got was more than tiger sized and in the hospitality we got, we completely forgot our tough luck, and we never even for a moment felt the tinge of being unlucky.

It was amazing to note of how each and every minute detail was carefully thought off for making the guest comfortable and at home.

I am sure I wouldn’t be exaggerating in saying that sometimes one doesn’t get such care even in homes!!!

In fact you all were so hospitable that sooner or later we will forget Kanha, but it will be extremely difficult to forget our stay at Chitvan.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you whose tireless endeavours made our trip a heavenly experience, and when I say heavenly I mean it.

May the Lord bestow on you and your team greater love, joy and peace that all who come to your resort can partake of that and go back blessed.

With many good wishes and prayers

In Guruji and Ma

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From :
Frances Gallogly
Sent : December 06, 2012
Subject : Thank you
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Dear Sharad,

Dear Ashwani,

My husband and I really enjoyed our stay at Chitvan in November despite not seeing a tiger! It was a pleasure meeting you and I really appreciated your help in photographing some of the local villagers near the lodge.

I have mailed to your Delhi office a DVD containing the photos I took there. There were too many to email them to you. Also I wanted to give you large (high resolution) files so they would print well. I brought it to the post office yesterday, so please watch for it over the next couple of weeks. I hope you are able to distribute the photos to the people depicted in them.

Many thanks again,

Frances Gallogly
Trumbull Connecticut
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From : Raghu Cidambi
Sent : March 13, 2012
Subject : Thank you
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Dear Sharad,

I stayed at Chitvan last week for a few days and I wanted to tell you that it was a most enjoyable experience. Ashwini provides inspiring leadership coupled with attention to detail and high standards to motivate the entire team to a very high level of performance. They are all very warm and hospitable and it was a pleasure to have been there. Vijay is a very keen naturalist and he is very good natured.

I enjoyed your many pictures too - you are a very accomplished photographer.

I blundered in carrying away the room key - I called from the airport and returned it by registered post as soon as I got back. My apologies.

Thank you very much for all the care and I hope to get back to Chitvan some time.

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From : Vikram Nagpal
Sent : March 06, 2012
Subject : Kanha Visit - feedback
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Dear Mr Sharad,

Our trip to KANHA and especially to Chitvan was a very pleasant one. The staff at Chitvan is extremely helpful & professional to make the stay of guest comfortable. The personal touch & care provided by Mr Ashwini Agarwal enhances the hospitality of Chitvan.

Best regards.
Vikram Nagpal
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From : Stefano and Marisa Liberati
Sent : February 13, 2012
Subject : Thank you
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Guest Feedback, Chitvan Jungle LodgeDear Mr Ashwani Agarwal,

we would like to thank you for the kindness and patience you showed with two very angry clients (not for your fault, of course) like we were at our arrival. I want to point out that, if it were not for your kindness and pofessionality, we were so angry that we would not have remained. Our stay at your lodge has been really confortable, the service is very good and the meal extremely good, one of the best in all our tour. Compliments to your chef but of course also to your management ability.

Thank you again,

With our best regards.
Stefano and Marisa Liberati
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From : Elaine Barry
Sent : Sunday, February 19, 2012 11:57 PM
Subject : India Tiger trip
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Hi Manjeet,

We just wanted to write to thank you for your help in organising our recent holiday. From the moment we arrived every thing went like to plan and I know that can be a logistical nightmare.

We loved out time at Tigers Den, the warmth and welcome of the staff there cannot be praised highly enough. Maneesh was wonderful every day, nothing was trouble to him.

I would recommend anyone going to Bandhavgarh to stay at Tigers Den. We also had great Tiger sightings in the park. We had 7 drives and saw Tigers 5 times. Our driver Ajeet had a knack of being in the right place at the right time.

From there we moved to Kanha, all our transfers went to plan. We had great drives and the vehicles were in top class condition.

Again the staff and accomodation and Kanha were superb. The food and the chef there (i think he was called Ajay) were brilliant. The rooms in Kanha were so luxurious.

We were lucky enough there to also see Tigers on two occasions and a Sloth bear which was a great surprise.

Finally it was onto Pench, the tents there are great and it was nice to have a variety of accommodation. Again the staff there and the food could not be faulted. We were lucky enough there to see 5 tiger cubs on our last drive. The guide we had there was also great.

We have many great Photos and memories from this trip. In the future (maybe a few years away) we would also like to return to India and visit Kashmir, is that some thing you also do?

Again many thanks for your help.

Elaine and Andy.
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From : Archana Tapadia
Sent : Mon, 9 Jan 2012
Subject : New Years at Kanha's Chitvan Lodge
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Dear Sharad,

We had a wonderful New Years at Kanha's Chitvan Lodge. The service was impeccable, food was awesome and the staff were very friendly and caring. Small details like dusting our luggage before sending it to the rooms on arrival added a special touch to the stay. The fresh and hot breakfast packed in the morning safari made the safari more enjoyable with the kids. The rooms are spacious and clean. They tried to accommodate all the special requests I made like liquid hand wash, comforters for kids and extra cleaning in my room. I know it is a lot of effort to work in such remote areas with local people. Your organic farm was really lovely. The sight of a clear starlit sky from the steps of akash and prithvi accommodation will always remain in my heart.

The property is well suited for kids and elderly and is family friendly.The sighting of tiger and leopard made my husband's and son's day.... Definately, a worthwhile trip from Singapore.

Lastly, not having a phone connection and tv were a blessing.... Hope that never changes. It gave our whole family 42 in total a chance to bond! What a perfect place.

I will try do a review on trip adviser but you free to post this on your reviews.

Thanks once again!

Best Regards
Archana Tapadia
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From : Shilpa Sheth
Sent : Wed, 14 Dec 2011
Subject : Special Thanks
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Dear Sharad

Just back from a very rejuvenating break @ chitvan.the property is beautiful & kids friendly -they had a gr8 time @ organic farm & village fields..we loved the fresh, delicious and homely food ..

hospitality @ chitvan is truly commendable - better than the tajs or the oberois!

special thanks to ishaan, ajay and sanjay for making our stay so special. and we were lucky to get the tiger show on our first safari!

planning to gift my parents and in-laws a holiday @chitvan.. and looking forward to come back next year

thank you once again..

Best Regards
Shilpa Sheth
Private Wealth Management
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From : Jean Louis BATO
To :
Sent : Thursday, November 10, 2011 3:25 PM
Subject : Many Many Thanks
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Dear Ashwani,

Greeting from Pondicherry.
We reached safely. First of all we would like to thank you very much for your nice welcom, your disponibility, your kindness which will never forget. We learnt more about Chitvan which will help us to develop our project. In our side we don't know how to thank you but definitively you are welcom in our place in Pondi when you want. It will be a very good place to take rest.

With love and affection,

Francine and Jean Louis BATO
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From: Aveena Gudapati
To: Chitvan
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 5:29 PM
Subject: Re: Chitvan, Kanha
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Thanks. We have had a wonderful 2 day holiday in Hot Kanha. My kids, wife and I, would like to personally thank Amit for being a wonderful host exhibiting plenty of patience with the kids and explaining many a thing about the forest and lives in it. He was there on both our jungle safari's.

We would also like to thank Mr. Ashwin who kept calling us to ensure we are on the right road even before we reached the resort - thats real "customers delight" and when we reached there were cold towels waiting along with lemonade - heavenly.

We also thank Mr. Ashish - Chef, Mr. Shyam, and all the others who made our trip during the blazing hot weather a good experience.

We are also thankful the bullock cart ride organzied for the kids - that too free :)

Thanks to you and your team, we had a good and lively experience.


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From: "Jean-Christophe Damond"
Sunday, February 27, 2011 9:11 PM
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We are back in France and wanted to say again a huge THANK YOU to the staff at Chitvan. It was our best park experience ever. Even though we have only seen 1 tiger in our 4 days, Sanjay Thakre told us so much about the forest and the birds that it was a delight to be in the jungle every day. Indeed, we saw many more tigers in Bandhavgarh, but we will recall Chitvan best in class. I must say that during our all trip afterwards, we missed every day your wonderful cuisine that you had managed to make spicy and tasty for our western taste. I wish we had met Mr Vats and Mr Agarwal to tell them all this in person. We hope we are able to be back one day.

Best regards
Céline & Jean-Christophe Damond

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From: Sharad, Ashvini and Team
Sent: Saturday,January 22, 2011 10.20 PM
Subject: Hospitality at Chitvan
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Very Dear Sharad, Ashvini and Team,

We were actually blown off by the hospitality and personal care you and your team took off us during our 3 day stay at Chitvan. We were truly amazed at the thoughtfulness you all have put in behind each and every act of care that you all shower on your guests. Right from early morning till the guest retires.

Though we have stayed in innumerous hotels and resorts, but the hospitality rendered here by your team outclasses any of them by several notches and all standards.

Words can hardly match up with the care and love you all gave which in no way can be faked. Everything was so genuine and right from the heart which made all the difference. Everyone was so interested in how we were, how was the safari like, and the meals, and the service such personal care that it was simply unbeleivable.

if i were to rate you on a scale somewhere between 1-10 i would certainly give you all 10++.

Our trip was more than memorable and lucky for we had sightings on 3 out of 4 outings. Though i have been into wildlife since '85 and would be visiting Corbett or Dudhwa at least once or twice a year i had sighted tiger only on two occasions, so in that sense i would find my self extremely fortunate. I am an avid bird watcher hence delighted myself on seeing the elusive racket tailed drongo and Crested serpent eagle.

In all our stay at Chitvan will stand out as an experience of a lifetime for more reasons than one.

Will strongly reccommend Chitvan to all my relatives and friends as a must visit place even if they are not keen in going to safari in Kanha.

My many good wishes and prayers for you and your teams overall success in all your noble endeavours.

In God's boundless love

Many thanks & warm regards,
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From: Bhanap, Chandrashekhar
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2010 3:48 PM
Subject: Kanha - Our recent stay
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Dear Chitvan Team,

It was indeed a very enjoyable and memorable stay at Chitvan, Kanha. The property is truly nice and the hospitality is overwhelming. The personalized service and attention made us feel at home from the time we stepped in. We are grateful to the Chef and his team who catered to our every need with detail. Given the remoteness of the locale, I must say kudos for the arrangements and the infrastructure.

The safari arrangements were very good and we had some very good sightings in the park. In fact I saw a variety of birds in Chitvan itself. It was a great experience for me and my family. I truly recommend Chitvan for all those who wish to visit Kanha. Finally, we commend on your efforts towards environment conservation and organic farming.

Many thanks & warm regards,
Shekhar Bhanap  
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From: Zara Pereira
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 4:30 PM
Subject: Sincere Thanks - Zara Pereira<
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Dear Sharad and Team Chitvan

Well before I go any further a big thank you for an excellent holiday at Chitvan. My family was very happy with the services and the friendly, helpful nature of all at Chitvan.

Sharad was very prompt and informative right from the very first email and I was truly impressed. I was looking forward to meeting you at Kanha, perhaps another time.

Kudos and well done to Ashwini and his team. You all at Chitvan went all out to make us feel at home and comfortable, right from the time we set foot at the lodge, whether it was my aged father or my lil  daughter too. Amit was very accommodating and helped us find the suitable suite just to suit our family needs. Vibhav and Sanjay took a lot of time out to meet us and explain about Kanha and the reserve. The safari was very well organized, right down to providing us with a safe driver Rajkumar. We are also grateful to Chef Manjay, who always went out of his way to accommodate and tingle our taste buds and always checked up on us at each meal. The organization of the village visit on bullock cart, and the tribal dance added to our memorable experiences of Chitvan. We were also extremely satisfied with the spacious clean rooms, and well maintained swimming pool. Our family would like to commend you on the efforts at conserving the environment and the organic farming.

Keep up the great job, thank you once again.

Warm Regards
Christopher Pereira
Ayisha and Neil Pereira.

Riya, Zara, and Wenzil Pereira

J1 and J4 - May 2010

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From: Rangnekar, Abhay
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 1:57 PM
Subject: Kanha
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Dear Sharad,
I wanted to convey to you how delighted I and my wife were, to have visited Chitvan in Kanha. The property (Chitvan lodge) is truly nice and the entire staff was courteous, helpful and very hospitable indeed. We really enjoyed the tranquil, serene surroundings. Equally, your own wildlife photographs (which were framed and displayed on a few walls) were simply fascinating.

We were exceptionally happy with the tiger sightings and the crowning glory was sighting a leopard (perched on a tree) and other wildlife such as wild dogs, bisons and a fantastic variety of birds including the Malabar hornbill and many, many more.

Overall, a great experience..
Many thanks & Warm Regards
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From: Subrahmanian Santakumar
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 8:56 PM
Subject: Awesome Stay
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Dear Ashwini, Sharad and the entire Chitvan Team

I had come with my Friends Tushar Lalsan (who had stayed there thrice before), his wife Kalyani and another friend Kapil and we must say that we really had a goodtime. I want to place on record that you and your team went out of your way to makeus feel at home and did everything you could to make our stay a memorable one.Special mention and thanks to Vibhav and Babloo for all that they did to make our safaris memorable. I have no hesitation in recommending Chitvan to my friends and you can be sure that I will be back many more times for sure. I am sorry I didn't take any pictures of the resort but the safari pix can be seen at : Thanks once again and Keep up the good work.


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From: Rahul Mehta
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 8:57 AM
Subject: Chitvan Jungle Lodge Reservation Form through
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Dear Manjeet and Sharad

Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at Chitvan. your property is really beautiful and expertly managed. We have only good things to say about our experience and we will be happy to recommend Chitvan to our friends. We look forward to visiting again next year and hope that Chitvan continues to remain and represent what it is today-a nature lover's paradise.

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 Graham Stallard
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 4:51 PM
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Dear Ashwani

We arrived in Jabalapur successfully, we were met by Manjeet at New Delhi, and we had a lovely last afternoon and evening there.

Thank you so much, Ashwani, for the three wonderful days and nights at Chitvan. Kanha was superb, your rooms were superb, the cuisine too; the whole ethos at Chitvan is really good, and you and Sharad deserve to be very successful with it. Can we particularly commend your team – all of them - and please give our best wishes to Sanjay who tried so hard in the park for us, and to your Chef and his unforgettable Gulab Jamen!

We would have no hesitation in recommending Chitvan to anyone visiting your fantastic country, and we wish you much success for the future.

We have also sent a separate email to Manjeet at Nature Safari India, who worked so well on the organisation of our complete holiday and experience.

Many Thanks Again
With Warm Regards
Graham Stallard and Julie Livingston
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From: "Arindam Banerjee"
To :""
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:30 AM
Subject: a home away from home-chitvan jungle lodge
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Dear sharad & the entire chitvan team,
we had a visit to kanha national park during the chilly winters last year to welcome the new year by staying in the wild. Frankly speaking me as well as my daughter both are nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Most of our holidays have been in wildlife sanctuaturies. but we were truly enthralled by our visit to kanha. The flora and fauna of kanha was truly beautiful. with gods grace we were also able to spot the king himself- the majestic royal bengal tiger not once but twice. once it was a tigress with her three cubs n d second tym it was only the cubs. our experiences in kanha were very memorable n cherishable. And all this was possible because of the entire chitvan team who created an aura of warmth and care. Mr. ashwini agarwal, the general manager of the resort welcomed us n made it sure dat our stay in kanha was wonderful. His involvement in each and every aspect of the hotel has made it even more better. At this point of time i would also like to mention the name of the head chef of ur resort- Manjay Shahi. The food he made was simply delicious. we didnt feel thay we were away from our home. also the entire staff of the resort created a great atmosphere. as our day of departure came closer we didnt feel to go back leaving such a place that was so enthralling. the beauty was mesmerising. also i would like to thank their naturalist Vibhav Srivastava who accompanied us with all the safaries we went. we were able to gather enough information. most of all i was impressed by their attitude towards nature conservation. they all are trying their best to preserve mother nature.

I truly cherished all your memories n wish to ake a visit soon to ur lodge as well as kanha once more. keep up the good work!!!! n thank you 4 all the luv n affection u ppl have given us. we hope to see you again
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From: "Jean Imbs"
To: "Sharad Vats" <>
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 1:44 PM
Subject: thanks
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Dear sharad,

I am (almost) back home and to cold winters. still waiting for a plane in hong kong. enjoying my last moments in asia. I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for a truly wonderful holiday. everything went perfectly smoothly from beginning to end, and everybody i met was truly incredibly friendly. i thoroughly enjoyed my first trip in india, and can tell you not only that i will return, but that i will also tell everybody i can to get in touch with you.

My stay in kanha delivered on all accounts. good sightings of wildlife, good company, good fun, phenomenal food, friendly, helpful, always present, always considerate staff, who not only accommodated any of my whims, but also did so with genuine friendliness and warmth. please direct my thanks to manjay - who taught me quite a bit about cooking and eating indian food, to parikshit, with whom we had more than one friendly and educational conversation, and to ashwani, who is the most pleasant and friendly resort manager i have ever met.

you were also right that the camp is environmentally respectful and well-functioning, on top of being pleasant and admirably well located. i quickly got into the routine of early morning conversations with Ashwani, who would always make a point of being present for morning safaris departures. then (freezing) early morning drives all bundled up in blankets, casual discussions with parikshit, watching sunsets, tigers, leopards, wild dogs and the jungle, and returning to manjay's delicate cuisine. i'll keep these memories with me. and no doubt will return hopefully soon enough.

Aalso, congrats on your phenomenal pictures! talking about which - i attach the one pic of a leopard that i am quite proud of. that was a really unique sighting.

Thanks again for everything.
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: Anant Sharma
To: Chitvan
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6:51 PM
Subject: thanks
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Hello Sharad & the Chitvan Team,

We came back from our holiday at Chitvan last week extremely satisfied.
Through this mail, I wish to acknowledge the experience we had at Chitvan.

We were looked after very well by the entire staff at Chitvan right from Ashwani to each and every staff member there. I wish to specially appreciate Ashwani, Vibhav and Manjay.

· Ashwani takes personal interest in each and every guest and he makes it a point that he gets up each morning to personally see off his guests for the morning safari. Given the fact that it is extremely chilly these days at that hour (with the mercury at around 7-8 degrees Celcius) it is a commendable gesture. I have not seen this in other resorts.

·  Vibhav has good knowledge of the park, the various routes there and of course the animals & birds there. He is extremely polite and always ready to explain the nuances of the animal life and the park.  He also has the gift of the right "gut feel" you need to have when spotting tigers out in the open.

·  No holiday can be complete without good food. With Manjay in your team, this is the least of your concerns. We stayed four nights and each meal was as delicious as the previous one. With kids around, you tend to be careful if the food is not too spicy or too bland. The food at Chitvan was the right balance each and every time. My entire family relished it.

I have been to numerous holidays with destinations being as exotic as Kerala, Hawaii and Switzerland. Chitvan will definitely rank as one of my best holidays with the right mix of everything you expect, the hospitality, the activities, the safaris, the food, you name it.

Kudos to your team at Chitvan. Keep up the good work.

Warm Regards
Anant Sharma | Business Critical Systems - Pre Sales | HP India
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From: Brian Belle
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 12:37 AM
Subject: Thank you!
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Dear Chitvan Team,

I wanted to sincerely express my gratitude for a wonderful vacation at the Chitvan Jungle Lodge. Every detail was perfect! Our accommodations were very clean and comfortable. Our Safaris were well managed, safe and exciting. Vibhav Srivastava was terrific! He answered all of our questions and gave insightful views and guidance on Safari. Chef Manjay and his team were also outstanding. The food and dining services were perfect. Everyone was extremely friendly and accommodating. During our reservation process, Sharad was very patient and helpful in answering all of our questions (we had many) prior to our arrival. Ashwani was also terrific, he always checked to ensure we were comfortable and satisfied with every aspect of our trip. I will absolutely share my outstanding Chitvan experience will my friends and colleagues. I am also very impressed with the self-sustainability and green nature of Chitvan. Your establishment is truly an example of how we can live comfortably without destroying our environment. Keep up the good work! Hope to see you all again soon.

Best Regards,
Brian La Belle
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From: Munir Virani
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 9:38 PM
Subject: Trip Advisor review
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In April 2008, I had the pleasure of staying at the Chitvan Jungle Lodge in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh India. It was a difficult time for my family and I as we had witnessed a difficult time in Kenya following post-election violence. I have been visiting India for the last nine years and I conduct vulture research in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. I have stayed before at the Tuli Tiger Resort near Kisli Gate but had heard some good comments from friends about this new lodge at Mukki Gate on the south-eastern part of Kanha National Park. Kanha is without a doubt one of the best places in India to see tigers and to appreciate the birdlife. One is taken back in time to the days of Rudyard Kipling. I visited Chitvan with my wife and my two boys aged 4 and 2 respectively so we were not really sure what to expect. My younger boy had already fallen ill with the heat and the fatty milk but when he saw the alluring pool at Chitvan he seemed miraculously cured. On arrival at Chitvan we were greeted with sincerity and smiles. We were shown to our room that was tastefully decorated and very pleasant. The architects and designers have obviously put in a lot of effort to combine luxury with a taste of rustic-ethno elegance. We were shown the organic gardens where the lodge grows its own wheat and other vegetables. The furniture in the main lobby area was fantastic. We sat down to eat and with two sugared up boys running around the place, the staff were extremely helpful and understanding. They cut slices of cucumber and carrots for the boys daily which kept them going and made a special menu for them of French fries and pieces of chicken without any spice. Evenings by the pool were sheer luxury as one sipped their beer with scrumptious bitings of spicy chicken tikka.
The jeep safaris into Kanha National Park were very well organized and the picnic breakfasts were to die for. On the final night, the manager organized a tribal dance and barbeque dinner that was scintillating to say the least. All in all, this is an amazing place in the heart of Mowgli country where tigers roam. It combines all the ingredients of luxury, elegance, warmth and most importantly is perhaps one of the most child friendly places I have ever been to (the other two being Tiger’s Den in Bandhavgarh and Dev Villas in Ranthambhore).
Thank you Chitvan for a memorable visit.
Munir Virani, PhD
Nairobi Kenya
Munir Z. Virani, PhD
Africa Program Director
The Peregrine Fund  5668 West Flying Hawk Lane
Boise Idaho 83709
Current Address: Ornithology Section National Museum of Kenya
P.O Box: 45111, Nairobi Kenya 00100,
Tel: +254-733-748922 (cell),

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Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 5:47 PM
Subject: RE: Enquiry about stay at Chitvan - Kanha
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Hi Sharad,

We had a great time at Chitvan. Your team is excellent and took very good care of us. We wish we could have spent more time out there. Though were slightly unlucky in terms of spotting a tiger ourselves (not in Tiger Show- we did see a Male Tiger in the tiger show) but being at Chitvan made up for more than that.
Please convey my best regards to Aashwini, Manjay, Sanjay, Faiz and everyone else in the team. Attached are some photographs we clicked with the team and of the resort.
Your wildlife photographs in the resorts are really well taken, I was wondering if I can get a copy of some of those.
JAKJaydeep A. Kunte
Director EProjects
SunGard Technology Services
Address:Pride Kumar Senate II, S.B Road, Pune 411053
Fax: +91 (0)20 2560 6222
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From: Dipika Porecha
To: 'Chitvan'
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 5:48 PM
Subject: RE:
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Hi Sharad,

We all had a lovely time at Chitvan and are looking forward to coming back soon. Thanks a lot for making my daughters b’day so special. Do let us  know when you come to Bombay so we can catch up.

Love, Dipika & Samir
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From: Kanan Kapadia
To: Sharad Vats
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 8:08 PM
Subject: RE: Chitvan, Kanha
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Hey Sharad,

WE really had an awesome time at Chitvan. Thank you so so much for a wonderful time and amazing hospitality. The experience of the tiger shows will stay with us for life. We just got back from our trip to Goa..which was quite relaxing after our early mornings in KanhaEThe girls want to go back to Kanha soon and want to see the tiger walking on the road.
Hope you and your family are well. Do keep in touch.

Regards Kanan n Nand
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From: sangeeta choksi
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2009 2:46 PM
Subject: RE: Chitvan, Kanha
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Hi sharad,

sorry for not replying to ur messages as both my cell and laptop were in mihir's had no access to it, thx for the cd and the kaziranga clipping....nerve gripping. had a great time at goa but surely all and kids especially still talking about the trip ti kanha. i think the tigers are still shy of us so they do not cum on the road when we are in the jungle... i am sure by the next trip we will also be lucky.

All of us are enthusiastic to plan the next trip to chitvan....also the wildlife workshop planning has started...will keep u posted once have a decent plan.
Would love to thank u once again for the wonderfull time we all had,
sangeeta and amaya
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From: Ambareesh Pittie
To: Sharad Vats
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: Chitvan Team
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Dear Sharad,

It was with great apprehension that we we decided on our trip to Kanha. The weather, kids and our own interest, these were the doubts in our minds. Though my brother is a regular visitor to sanctuaries around India, we had not really gone anywhere like this.
We were in doubt whether we would be able to sustain a trip into the jungle/sanctuary for 5-6 hours.
It was by sheer chance that I chanced upon Chitvan through Prateek's pictures on Facebook. Somehow wanted to stay there. I then got in touch with you and the rest you are aware of.
It is now 6 days since we have returned and none of us have been able to get over our trip. We would like to come back next month. Sounds crazy but still... The kids are really keen.
I being into photography quite seriously am planning an upgrade in my equipment so that I can be there more well prepared.
As for our stay at Chitvan, we could not have asked for anything more. The personalised attention from each and every member of the Chitvan family is something we will not easily forget. Right from Mr. Ashwani to the chef to everyone made sure that our stay was really comfortable. Simple neat and comfortable, that is Chitvan for us. And yes, we will stay at Chitavan the next time we are in Kanha or any other place where you have a setup, that is for sure.
In the end I would say we came back being CHIT PRASAN.
Regards & Best Wishes
Ambareesh Pittie
B1, Trendset Vantage, 8-2-309/1 to 8, Road No.14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034
Phone: +91 40 23556166(Off), +91 40 23556069(Res)
Fax: +91 40 23556167
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From: urmila pittie
To: ;
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 11:18 PM
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Dear Mr Ashwani and Manjay,

If we had our way we would be back at chitvan.We travel every year to different places and this was our first visit to a jungle.Despite our apprehensions and a long journey one look at chitvan from the innova and we knew we had made the right decision.i cannot express how much at home all of you made us feel. It was a pleasure to come back from the jungle and have someone awaiting with a cool wet towel and a drink to beat the dust and scorching heat. Manjayji,with his ever smiling face and whipping up the best meals was an experience .He never failed to surprise us come lunch and dinner time!I even told Ambareesh that we should kidnap him! My parents and the kids too had a wonderful time with all of you at chitvan.
We are definitely coming back there as it felt like home. Hope to see each and everyone of you still there when we return. Thanks for giving us such a great time.

with warm regards.
Urmila Pittie.
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From: Khuzem Shikari
To: Sharad Vats(Kanha )
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 7:51 PM
Subject: Hello
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Dear  Sharad,
We have had an excellent and enjoyable  stay at Chitvan  Lodge,and convey our hearty thanks Your staff was extremely courteous and helpful. Please convey our thanks to Mr Ashwani Agarwal and all others at Chitvan, for taking good care of us.
My friend,  Mr A Sitabkhan and his wife too ,share our sentiments. Whenever  you are visiting Mumbai, please spend an evening with us.Dr Ketan Desai would also be happy.

With warm regards,
Cheers Khuzem Shikari.
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From: monique tremblay
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 12:28 PM
Subject: Message for Mr. Agerwal, General Manager, Chitvan
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Dear Mr. Agarwal,  
My two companions, Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Gervais, join me to say how much we appreciated our stay at Chitvan. We shall bring back home memmories that we will cherish all our lives.
For my part, I wish to thank you most heartily for the recovery of my recharger. I shall be able to continue taking wonderful photos of this most fascinating part of India, particularly the park. By the way, we were most fortunate yesterday as we had the chance to see the tiger at very close range. What a wonderful experience.

Best regards,
Monique Tremblay
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From: sdesai
To: chitvan
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 4:58 PM
Subject: Our visit to chitvan
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Dear Sharad

We have just returned from our visit to the Chitvan in Kanha.  It was a truly exhilarating trip.  The place is wonderful and the staff even better.  The hospitality and attitude of the people in Chitvan was exemplary.  Except that a little more involvement of the naturalist would have been welcome.  I think it is one of the best places in Kanha.
Thank you for everything.

Desai & family
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From: Harish Raheja
To: Chitvan
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 5:53 PM
Subject: My Comments on Chitvan
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Dear Sharad,

A number of superlatives come to mind to describe my holiday at Kanha. But I don't want to end up sounding like a glossy travel brochure, so I'd say EI had a 'TIGER' of a time! Spotting the tiger was one reason; discovering Chitvan, was no less, the other.
To be very honest, I was very apprehensive about your resort. I didn't have any first-hand opinions to go by and the impressive snap shots on your website served only to add up on those fears, since I am of the school of thought that advertising, more often than not, belies the Real Thing. Hearing your reassurances over phone did dismantle most of my fears, but the stop at the Baihar Police Station whose board read 'POLISH STATION' and passing by the other resorts did much to re-infuse those 'once' lingering doubts.
However, driving into the gates of Chitvan defenestrated all my phobias and walking into my suite transformed me from a Doubting Thomas to an Ecstatic Harry. The WOW reaction was spasmodic. And that's not allEbr /> Every meal we had over the period of 4 days was a gastronomical adventure Eeach dish, though simple, turned out a big riot of complementary effects (all the soups, the Green Baigan Bharta, the brown chicken curry served on Day 1, the Palak Paneer, the Butter Chicken and the Mutton curry served on Day 3 were super hits). Desserts were good, but could do with some variety. And the enthusiasm of the serving staff did oodles to further up the taste quotient.
I also need to add that you have a wonderful crew back there - right from Ashwani, Vibhav, Faiz, the executive chef, and the restaurant-in-charge to every waiter Eeach of who were genuinely lavish in their eagerness to please. The welcome and send-off they gave us after and before every safari did much to cool the heat and warm the cold.

Needless to add - Yes, I will be coming back sooner than soon. And to every prospective visitor I'd like to say EBelieve me. I'm not exaggerating!
Warm RegardsEnd I wish you and your team all the very best!
P.S. And if I had to suggest a tag-line for Chitvan, my suggestion would be - Because sometimes Miracles happen...

Mr Michael Moignard: May 3rd till 4th 2008
Very enjoyable stay, best way to see Kanha National park

Mr Greg Easton : March 30th till 3rd April 2008
The food was good, and the variety was excellent, but smaller portions would have been better, we felt a little pressure to eat beyond what made us full. Ashwani and Singh were great in the safaris, but most of the parks cannot communicate in Rnglish, thought they seemed knowledgeable, driver was good. We had an unforgettable experience, and the staff and management were an important part of it.

Ms Rebecca Evans : April 17th till 20th 2008.
Excellent Accommodation, lovely lodge layout, staff extremely polite and welcoming
Mr David Rosen: April 22nd till 25th 2008

This was a wonderful place to stay, We were also very impressed with the huge garden, all staff were outstanding. I can’t think of much to improve.

Mr J fields: March 13th 2008
The staff worked very hard all the time to make our stay special. Thanks to all of them.

Ms Polly: March 14th 2008
Thank you for the complimentary services Ea very nice gesture. Thank the staff for refusing tips Eit shows excellent training. So many resorts, they are constantly waiting and expecting tips for everything.

Barbara Seraffin: Friday March 14th 2008
Thank you for trying so hard to please the A&K group. We have so many pleasant memories of this part of India, and we saw the Tiger. Thank you to everyone at beautiful Chitvan EYou are in our memories forever.

Mr and Mrs B. Z. Parker: March 13th 2008
We were pleasantly surprised to find such a first class lodge in a remote game park. For a very new operation, things were very smooth. We would love to visit again in a few years when the gardens and fields have matured.

Ms Patsy Dewey & Ms Susan Zielger: March 14th 2008
We really loved the candles in the room and on the dining tables, the walkway candles were magical.

Mr Bill and Louise Barrett: March 14th 2008
The staff helped make our stay and enjoyable and memorable. Thank you. This is a wonderful place, but most of all, the people who work here and the local natives are just the best. I get the feeling they like us as much as we like/love them. I would love to bring all my family here.
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From: Dhananjay Nandanwar
To: Chitvan
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 1:12 PM
Subject: Thankz a lot
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Dear Sharad,  

At the outset, I would like to thank you sincerely for making our stay the most comfortable and memorable one at Chitvan, Kanha.
Of course it was not possible without your well trained staff , besides your Managers Mr. Ashwani kumar and Mr. Singh who have extended all possible comfort to me and my friends. The hospitality was of highest quality throughout our stay.
This morning when I went to the club, everybody in the group congratulated me for making the trip the most enjoyable and memorable one.

Thanks to you again.
Dhananjay Nandanwar
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From: Jacqui McDonald
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 8:11 PM
Subject: Nearly Home
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Hello Ashwani & Anil,
Just to let you know we survived Calcutta....just!
We have had a couple of nights in Bangkok and now we are waiting for our short flight down to Samui where we live.
Once again a big big thank you for the wonderful time we spent in your special place in Kanha.
Take care,
Jacqui, Maureen & Jean x
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From: Heys, Mary
To: nature safari
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 9:41 PM
Subject: Chitvan
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Nearly a year ago I spent 3 wonderful days in Kanha National Park in Chitvan.  It was far from completed then but nevertheless I spent 3 restful (well - when I wasn't looking for tigers & co in the park!) days in beautiful surroundings in a spectacular bedroom with a wonderful view of the forest and was treated like a Princess by the Chitvan Team.  As usual Nature Safaris  provided their usual customer care and more.  I am looking forward to going back to Chitvan this year to see what it looks like now and to see everyone again.  This will be my fourth visit to India (Bandhavgargh & Kanha) organised by Nature Safaris.  This speaks for itself doesn't it!
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Mr Paul Jeremy Douglass: January 11th 2008
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Thank you for all your care when we were sick, a supply of personal medication was a good gesture. You made us feel better, we think your accommodation is excellent. Good luck for the future.

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Wayne Conway email: (27th Dec 2007)
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Chitvan Christmas Eve, 1000 candles, 1,000,000 stars. Full Moon. Christmas Party with excellent services from an ever smiling and ever efficient staff. Certainly the total genuine friendly people who work at Chtivan are one of the best recommendtions a resort can have. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience.
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Iain & Joy Mcewen: ; 26th Dec 2007
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An excellent ethos providing a sound base for experiencing Kanha Park and the surrounding areas. With thanks for a memorable stay.
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From: Narendra D
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 17:28:53 +0530
Subject: Thankyou
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Dear Sharad and team,
We would like to convey our heartful thankyou for exellent hospitality.
We enjoyed every minute of our stay and services extendended to us.
We will convey to our near and dear friends about chitvan.

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WS McIntyre email: (17th Nov 2007)
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Coming to Chitvan has given me a purpose in Life. Always keep your pillows, sheets and towels in the best of conditions, always as they are now. Thank you, we had the most wonderful time, we wish you good luck and God’s Blessings.
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Barbara & Joe Zimmerman; email: jdzimm3709@cscom (17th Nov 2007)
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Excellent shower, and overall an excellent experience. Thank you so very much for giving me the complete chef's ensemble.  It is very handsome and special because it was designed by Chef Singh.  That was most generous of you and I do appreciate it.  It will bring back wonderful memories when it is worn.

Our time at Chitvan was a highlight of our trip to India.  It is such a beautiful place.  The service and the cuisine were outstanding and I loved the surprises (bullock carts, 1,000 candles, dances, etc.).  It was a lovely respite from all the commotion of the cities.

Again thank you most sincerely.
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Niyati Tanna Mehta; 11th Nov 2007
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We had a wonderful experience. Please take the effort to maintain the hotel and quality of food as is.
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Mr Warren & Mrs Sarah; email: (26th nov 2007)
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We have had a very comfortable & enjoyable stay at Chitvan. Ashwani was the most hospitable host. We will definitely recommend the lodge to various friends, family and colleagues. Excellent!

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Ken & Mary Reimer; email: (15th Nov2007)
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Wonderful Service, pleasant family “owners and staffE This was service was above expectations. Wonderful hospitality. You guys are 10-15 years ahead of your time. The Chef should do his Chitvan Cook Book.
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