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Chitvan Jungle Lodge
Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

“Rated as No 1 Lodge in Kanha by Tripadvisor”
“Rated as Outstanding Practice Lodge by Toft Tigers”

Our Family
Here are the most important members of Chitvan Family...Cheetah, Maya and Punch. It is not easy to name a pet. You understand their nature and presence to think of a name which describes them as they are.

Cheetah is very fast and energetic, she just wont let you rest if you are having game to play with her for few minutes. She attracts all pet lovers and you will be amazed the way she controls and train her young ones.

Maya, a beautiful german shephard has leadership zeal as in her mother Cheetah. A playfull and harmless dog who loves to eat and on the otherhand a very focussed guard, Maya has great sniffing power and gets alert if there is any movement outside the main gate of Chitvan.

Punch is full of power and posses a sharp mind. Understand his master and obeys him well. If you are ready to throw a ball, Punch will be ready to charge at the ball but from a distance so that he can reach the ball earlier than Maya.

We are happy about our new members Maao and Mimi. Both are adorable cats and surprisingly they are not shy. Instead, you'll find them tangling with your legs looking for your love, especially when you are close to the kitchen.


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