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Chitvan Jungle Lodge
Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

“Rated as No 1 Lodge in Kanha by Tripadvisor”
“Rated as Outstanding Practice Lodge by Toft Tigers”

Ashwani Agarwal: General Manager, Age 52 years, brings with him a varied experience which makes us proud that he has decided to be associated with us. After having worked with the Taj Group of Hotels for 22 years in various departments he one day decided the day was near to do what his heart always wanted him to do, i.e. follow the ethos of Gandhiji. The day he quit the Taj Group of Hotels, we met, and it was in few minutes that we decided that we would be a great team together. After sharing the dream of what Chitvan would be, we realized that we had a common dream, which was to inculcate an Alternative Lifestyle at Chitvan.

He comes from a family which participated in the Indian Freedom Movement. His parents had the opportunity to stay in the Wardha Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi for 5 years. The First President of India, Late Dr Rajendra Prasad learnt how to make Cotton from Ashwani’s mother in the Wardha Ashram. A family which brings forth Values of Gandhiji, and follows till date the simple living and high thinking values.

We shared our vision with him that we wanted the whole set up of Chitvan in 100 days. He worked on his plan for 100 hours, then explained the same to us in 100 minutes, and we were convinced that Chitvan could not have been in better hands. Working with 100% commitment, he is an energizer, who distributes energy to everyone whom he meets. You need to encounter him to find out that he is a mover and a shaker.


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